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10 Questions to Ask Before an Energy Efficiency Upgrade in Your Home

Are you tired of the high energy cost taking too much from your wallet? As you may have found out, the problem is that your home itself is not equipped to perform at an optimal level as an energy system. What can you do? You are contemplating an energy efficiency upgrade, but before you go through with it, you have to ask some crucial questions. The answers to these questions can help you in your decision-making and likely make your upgrade a smooth transition. Here’s a look at 10 questions to ask before an energy efficiency upgrade in your home.


  1. What should I Consider First in Improving My Home’s Energy Efficiency?

When deciding to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the first thing to consider is finding an energy-efficiency professional who can educate you with reliable information. You can find energy-efficiency professionals on the internet with a simple web search. Energy efficiency experts are often showcased on blogs, reports and case studies, and even testimonials. You can also search for a list of “approved” energy efficiency contractors.


  1. Should I Seek a Consultant or Salesperson?

Whether or not you need a consultant or salesperson depends on the size of your project. However, selecting an energy efficiency consultant or expert is best for the most comprehensive solutions. Keep in mind that a salesperson is product oriented without the big energy picture, while a consultant has a broad knowledge of multiple options, various technologies, and specific experts needed to make your project a success.


  1. Can I Become Energy Efficient Without a Large Expense?

To become energy efficient, you don’t have to put a big dent in your cash flow. There are different efficiency projects that are affordable with upgrades that do not have to be large expenses.


  1. Should I Invest in Energy Efficiency Although I Plan to Sell My Home?

Yes. An energy efficiency upgrade to your home can increase its value. The ROI is worthwhile, and you could see your asking price increase with the energy efficiency upgrade you make on your house.


  1. How Can I Ensure that My Chosen Energy Professional is Credible?

A good starting point is checking out the company website. There should be a wealth of information about the energy expert’s credentials and experience. Selling the latest gadget or technology doesn’t make one an expert, so does your due diligence, and make sure you are genuinely hiring an experienced energy expert with expertise.


  1. Why Pursue Energy Efficiency Upgrade Besides For Saving Money and Energy?

Beyond saving money and energy, pursuing energy efficiency is beneficial in several other ways. It’s an opportunity to upgrade antiquated equipment for a modern technological version. A sense of social responsibility, the desire to live a green lifestyle, and enhanced visual aesthetics are also reasons to pursue energy efficiency.


  1. How Do I Know My House is Ideal For Energy-efficient Renovation?

If your household uses a lot of energy, or your home is old or was constructed with old technology, it’s ideal for an energy-efficient renovation. With any of these factors, your home is a good pick for energy reduction upgrades.


  1. What’s The Best Approach to Starting an Energy Renovation Project?

The best approach to starting an energy renovation is a graduated one. Begin with an informal meeting between you and the potential energy consultant to determine if they’re a good fit before moving forward. Conduct a walk-through of your home with the energy consultant and then follow with a comprehensive energy audit to ultimately help determine the energy outcome.


  1. Is Cost Savings Guaranteed If I Improve My Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Yes, cost savings are guaranteed in situations that haven’t missed the mark after installation.

When using the latest energy efficiency technologies in your home, you can enjoy significant cost savings. Think in terms of life expectancy when talking about cost savings. What is the life expectancy of the technologies used? Is it 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years? Also, consider replacement costs, future increases in utility costs, and even maintenance costs.


  1. What Indirect Benefits Can Be Had From Initiating an Energy Efficiency Project?

There are many indirect benefits that you can expect from improving your home with an energy efficiency upgrade. These can include but are not limited to increased health, improved productivity, reduced stress, better concentration, faster growth, reduced noise, and a more comfortable and safe environment.


Now maybe the right time to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and Cape Cod Energy Solutions is here to help you with the right team for the job. Our expert energy professionals will listen to your goals and guide you through the process. Book your consultation today.