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What To Know About Air Sealing Your Home This Winter

A home improvement project that homeowners often overlook is air sealing. It comes with many benefits, remarkably increasing energy efficiency. To some people, blocking air leaks makes the home unsafe and stuffy simultaneously. That is not true because only air leaks can make a house uncomfortable. It is even more dangerous during winter because dirt and dust have direct passage into the rooms.

Below are what you should expect when you seal air leaks this winter:

●      Maintain your home structure

By preventing air entrance from the outside, you keep your home in good shape. Air penetration weakens building materials and allows mold growth within the building. If it continues, your home will lose its firmness and gradually become weak. Before it gets to that stage, take the initiative to seal air leaks as soon as you discover them. That will save you from renovation and replacement costs anytime soon.

●      Air Sealing is Relatively Cheap

Preventing the inflow and outflow of the air will not cost you much money. While air sealing experts offer these services, you can get the equipment to do it yourself. It doesn’t require many hours to complete, depending on the number of leaks in your home. Technology makes learning easy. See a few YouTube videos to see different air sealing techniques. The steps are easy to understand and implement.

●      You can save a lot with an Air Sealing project.

With energy rates on the increase, the air sealing project can cut down your expenses on energy consumption. It is impossible to keep the temperature at the desired level when leaks are everywhere. But once you get rid of the problems, you don’t have to spend your money on heating and cooling systems. It is a great opportunity you have got to reduce energy expenses.

●      Home Enhancement

Think about indoor air quality and pollutants access to your room. Air leaks allow contaminants into your room, compromising the air quality. Restoring indoor air quality requires air sealing of cracks and openings in walls. This project can improve the air quality and reduce the humidity that can cause mold growth in your home.


Achieving an energy-efficiency objective is not difficult as many homeowners perceive it. The step begins with sealing every air leak, including attics and basements. You will save a lot on energy bills and keep your home in good shape for years if you can do this. Cape Cod Energy Solutions is an expert at using advanced technology to seal air leaks.