Benefits of Insulating your Attic

The attic is familiar for being an additional storage space. However, its functionality goes beyond accommodating stuff. The attic has the purpose of preventing extreme outdoor temperatures from conquering the inside of your home. Your attic performs the same function as your home’s heating system. Insulating the attic increases your home’s protection from harsh weather conditions.

Here are the reasons you need attic insulation:

  • Indoor Air Flow Improvement

Air leaks give room to pollutants, which affect the air quality in your home. The effect of this is the buildup of dirt and mold in the attic. Once the indoor air quality has been compromised, you may start feeling discomfort. An insulated attic prevents contaminants from penetrating, which helps maintain the breathing of quality air. Sealing your attic guarantees a clean and safe space without contaminated air.

  • Yearly Energy Cost Reduction

A sealed attic increases a home’s energy efficiency, which reduces the amount you spend on energy bills. Many homeowners focus on crawl space and floors, neglecting the impact of attics on regulating temperature during winter and summer. You can be saving as much as 15 percent yearly when you block areas that allow air and heat to escape. It’s a close substitute for your HVAC system.

  • Improved Indoor Comfortability

Every home can be susceptible to temperature changes, especially when insulation doesn’t exist. Their efficiencies are questionable even when you insulate other areas but neglect the attic. It’s not that they are not effective, but because air is escaping from your attic. Insulating the upper floor of your home brings comfort at any period of the day, especially when the temperature is very low.

  • Reduced Pressure on HVAC System

You can prevent excessive use of your heating system with attic insulation. The ductwork of most HVAC systems runs through the attic. When it is under-insulated, it may undermine the efficiency of the HVAC unit. For this reason, the components may wear out quickly. That is preventable with an insulated attic that decreases the dependence on heating systems.

  • Protects the Environment

Insulating your attic implies that your energy requirement reduces drastically. When this happens, no power plant will be producing much energy. Air and noise pollution is also reduced, keeping the environment safe for everyone. Energy consumption reduction has a significant impact on the local ecosystems and the county.

Insulate Your Attic This Winter

The usefulness of insulated attics is not limited to the home; it extends to society. That makes it a viable option for everyone. Cape Cod Energy Solutions specializes in commercial and residential insulation if you need to insulate your attic or want an upgrade.