No-Cost Home Energy Assessment in Cape Cod

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Just like a machine, your home is made up of many moving parts. If one part fails, it affects how the machine works as a whole. An energy assessment evaluates the existing components. These include the building structure, insulation, air infiltration, HVAC, lighting, and appliances. Contact us to schedule a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment in Cape Cod today.

An assessment helps to determine where there is energy loss and consequently the cause of high utility bills. One of the main culprits is a compromised barrier between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

Assessment Details

Our energy auditors, trained by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and in collaboration with Mass Save lead vendors, gather information and assess any existing problem areas. They then provide a report detailing what measures can be taken to make your home more energy efficient. They also inform you of any rebates and/or incentives that you may qualify for.

Having an assessment is the first step in applying for the Mass Save HEAT Loan, which is 0% interest for up to 7 years. Implementing our recommendations are an effective way to save money, reduce your footprint, and improve the comfort and safety of your home.

Contact Us at 774.205.2001 to schedule a home energy assessment to determine how energy efficient your home really is. We will assess your HVAC system as well as determine tightly your home is sealed against air drafts. We are the experts in in energy efficiency and home insulation in Cape Cod.