Woman Setting Temperature on Thermostat

Steps to Energy Efficiency on Your Own

It is vital to protect energy in a commercial facility. You can adopt various best practices to decrease the consumption of energy, which include managing the ventilation, heating, and cooling systems. You can conduct a maintenance process and improve your HVAC all alone using the following steps.


Maintain Proper System Boundaries.

You can save up to 20% of the energy by creating boundaries according to the season and environment. Steer clear from using a heating and cooling system in your garage or loading area. These locations include doors that need to be open multiple times a day. It would be best to create boundaries and maintain the flow of your HVAC system.


Maintain Set Points for Thermostat.

The thermostat regulates the air according to temperature and air pressure. This enables the system to maintain the comfort level of temperature throughout the day. You can refer to this thermostat as a programmable thermostat. This system adjusts the temperature around the day and night, saving up to 10% of the energy.


Use Automatic Controls.

You can control the speed and temperature to provide the appropriate amount of cooling and heating. This is also a programmable system regulating airflow, saving 25% of the energy. It maintains the flow at different times of the day, keeping the environment comfortable.


Maintain Set Points of the Equipment.

Make sure that the setpoints of the equipment are reasonable. You need to maintain the comfort levels by maintaining the blowers and fans. Consider running this equipment at an appropriate speed. As a result, your system will not deliver heating and cooling more than you need.


Adjust HVAC Operation.

You can also save energy by raising the temperature and maintaining the water supply to the chiller. You can control the cooling water of your chiller through manufacturing guidelines. Make sure that you receive a comfortable level of cooling and heating.


Also, since the compressor will not work as hard in this process, you can save a lot of energy. You need to be aware of the change in season and maintain the HVAC operations accordingly.


Consider Variable Speed Equipment.

You can use various systems to maintain your heating and cooling systems. Components including motors, blowers, fans, and more will improve your energy efficiency significantly. Advanced cooling and heating systems contain variable speed features to manage the operating system according to your preference. You can configure the settings and prevent fans, motors, and other operational components from overrunning.



Following the steps mentioned above will enable you to improve the environment within your house and save energy. If you want any suggestions or help regarding your HVAC system, you can contact us and consult with our experts.