Man Inspecting a HVAC System

What Happens During an HVAC Inspection

An HVAC unit offers numerous benefits for your home and workplace. The system keeps the air clean and safe to breathe. However, it may not properly work for various reasons. However, your HVAC system may not work because of the shift in weather and other technical problems. Therefore, you need to hire a professional team for inspection. Below, you will understand how an experienced team will inspect your HVAC unit and identify the problem.


Heating Maintenance


  • Physical Components

When you hire a professional team to inspect your heating system, they will start the process by ensuring that the boiler or furnace is functional. The technician will check the furnace filter and replace it with a new one. Once done with the filter, they will identify the issue by inspecting your heater’s ventilation and exterior system by looking for any damage and tear in the system.


They will repair the problem upon identification. Subsequently, the team will inspect and clean the interior components of the furnace. The inspection location includes a blower, ignition assembly, pressure switches, and motors.


  • Electrical Components

Now, the team will check the electrical component for power consumption and measure the power usage. They will also check your thermostat and clean and calibrate it. They will turn on the furnace, monitor the performance, and ensure that all the components are functional. A professional technician will also check for any leaks and clean the pipe.


Cooling Maintenance


  • Physical Components

Your technician will switch the cooling system on and off to examine the working process of the air conditioner. They will make sure that the system is in great condition. They will check the indoor and outdoor components, including motors, internal parts, and belts. Professional technicians will measure the coolant levels and replace them if necessary. They will also check the circuits, condensate pump, drain line, safety controls, and all valves and caps on their visit.


  • Electrical Components

Once the professionals inspect the physical component, they will search for the problem in the electrical components. If they identify any damaged wire or component, they will immediately replace it. This instant replacement will avoid any failure. The pros will also inspect the performance of the outdoor unit. If the filters are causing a problem, replacing them will avoid debris and dust accumulation and prevent them from entering the duct. The final step would be the inspection of the thermostat. The technicians will clean and calibrate the thermostat if they find any need for it.


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